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Music Therapy

A cornerstone of expressive therapy at SEAL is the music therapy program. Led by a board-certified music therapist (MT-BC), SEAL music therapy groups integrate rhythm, music, lyric analysis, songwriting, relaxation, and various additional activities into a therapeutic approach through which music becomes an emotional outlet as well as a coping skill.

Expressive Therapy

Art Therapy

Art therapy groups at SEAL explore emotions, experiences, and opportunities for personal growth through mediums such as drawing, painting, sculpting, and other types of artwork. Art therapy provides a facet for nonverbal self-expression that serves students well, particularly in expressing complex, upsetting, or other highly personal feelings that are difficult to convey through words.

Recreation Therapy

Recreation therapy is an "action-oriented" therapeutic approach providing students with phsyical and leisure activities to promote teamwork, increase self-esteem, experience positive peer interactions, improve coping skills, and release physical tension and energy. Rereation therapy at SEAL varies from settings similar to physical education classes to such activities as pet therapy, yoga, crafts, trust-building activities, and many others.


SEAL students are offered the opportunity to participate in a performing arts program which encourages positive risk taking, opportunity for interest/talent exploration, self-expression, and the chance to perform in any or all of three variety shows, as well as an annual school play.


SEAL offers a variety of extra-curricular activiites, including: Newspaper Club Guitar Club Drum Club Student Government Art Club Choir Spirit Club Nature Club Photography Club


SEAL is a proud member of the Chicago Area Alternative Education League (CAAEL). CAAEL, a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, has been providing a full spectrum of academic, athletic, and art programs to the Chicagoland area’s most at-risk youth since 1976. Each year, CAAEL offers 900+ events for 5,000 students from 30 Illinois counties. The customized leagues and events which take place during the school day help our students develop compassion and tolerance, work as a team, and accept the consequences of their choices. CAAEL is truly a celebration of what at-risk kids are capable of as it improves school attendance, increases compliance with school rules and enhances academic performance.
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