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Course Information General Information The General Information section of the Curriculum Handbook* provides information about procedures, practices, and policies as they relate to the graduation requirements, school board policy, and high school expectations.  The section is arranged alphabetically by titles related to high school topics.  Always consult with the assigned counselor for assistance or clarification.   Course Load The normal full-time load of course work for     students at S.E.A.L. is six courses per semester.  The six courses consist of five academics and Physical Education.  Graduation Requirements  S.E.A.L. adheres to the graduation requirement of each student’s home school district.  As such, to determine requirements for graduation students must refer to their home school districts information.  Student Records All permanent records (i.e. grades and transcripts) are maintained at the student’s home school district.  Unofficial records are available through S.E.A.L. staff.  However, official copies must be requested through the home school. Grading System  The grading system is as follows:         A - 100% - 90%         B - 89% - 80%         C - 79% - 70%         D - 69% - 60%         F - below 59%         I - incomplete work         P - passed   Incomplete Grades—Incomplete grades (I) must be completed within the first five weeks of the next semester during the regular school year and by the first day of classes in the fall for the ESY (summer school) classes.  Failure to complete all work and clear the incomplete grades will result in an “F” being recorded as a final grade in the course.  Progress and Grade Reports The school year is divided into two semesters of approximately 19 weeks each.  Each semester consists of two quarters with progress reports  being issued mid-way into the quarter.  The mid-quarter progress report and the quarter report cards are unofficial.  These grades are not permanently recorded in the student's permanent  records.  The final grades at the end of each semester are permanent grades and get reported to the student’s home districts.  All grade reports are mailed directly to the student’s residence.
For a copy of an updated                 2016-2017 *Curriculum Handbook, contact your school coordinator at… LOMBARD Chris Robertson ROMEOVILLE Kyle Fischer WOODSTOCK Cara Domagala
Testing  The Prairie State Achievement Examination (PSAE) is a state-mandated graduation requirement for all juniors.  Students who are in their third year of high school, but are not academically eligible to take this test, will be required to take it during their fourth year of high school. These tests are used by the state as a measure of student learning during the high school years. They are administered during the spring semester on dates determined by the State of Illinois.  The tests include the ACT at no  expense for the student.  S.E.A.L. is an approved testing site. Therefore, PSAE’s can be taken at S.E.A.L. or at the student’s home school as deemed appropriate. Home Home About Us About Us Locations & Contacts Locations & Contacts Expressive Therapy Expressive Therapy Clinical Services Clinical Services Course Information Course Information Guided & Assisted Program Guided & Assisted Program Recording & Sound Program Recording & Sound Program Gallery & Video Gallery & Video Policies Policies Transition Program Transition Program